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Sessions and Fees

Clear Path Educational Consulting works on a fee per hour basis. The process differs for each family and is tailored to ensure that all their questions are answered and they have explored all options available to them.

Fee per Session 

You will be billed at the end of each consulting session. Sessions are payable by cash or cheque. HST will be applied.

Consultation Sessions

Families will meet with Stacey for an initial intake and information session. An additional session will be billed for review of student information.


Where necessary, Stacey can make arrangements to observe the child in their current school setting.


Once Stacey has an understanding of the whole child's profile, families values and priorities around school choice, families will meet to discuss best fit options.


Stacey is available at the families request to provide assistance and coaching during the application process.


We do not provide Psycho Educational assessments, however, we are available to attend school team meetings with families to advocate on behalf of the child and their needs. 

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